Could do better?

Following a campaign to raise awareness of the importance of managing asbestos in schools, Global Environmental has been instructed to carry out a GAP analysis on the asbestos management plans for a major independent school.


Working closely with the Bursar and Health & Safety Manager, Global has reviewed the 40 school buildings, 60 staff flats and over 40 acres of land, putting in place an asbestos management plan which includes the following elements:

  • Asbestos Policy Statement
  • Management plan
  • Asbestos register
  • Responsibilities and duties (includes a management structure flow chart)
  • Procedures
  • Training arrangements

“All the regulations can be overwhelming,” said Paul Phillips, Operations Manager at Global Environmental.  “We have arranged for inspections of all the buildings, reviewed their management plans and made our recommendations.  This first step has reassured those concerned that managing asbestos is achievable as long as the correct procedures are in place and the duty holder is aware of his or her responsibilities.”

Our guide to managing asbestos in schools can be found here, and any school wishing to take advantage of Global Environmental’s expertise in this area should call 020 7300 7288 to set up an initial meeting.