HSE launches new campaign on the risks of asbestos

The Health and Safety Executive has launched a new campaign to highlight the risks of asbestos exposure in the construction sector.  It reminds us that 5000 people a year die from past exposure to asbestos.

It includes a quick guide called “Asbestos & You”  on reducing the risks of asbestos aimed  at people working in the trades.

There is also a set of task sheets called “Asbestos Essentials”  aimed at employers, managers and sole traders in building, maintenance and allied trades, detailing how to safely carry out non-licensed work involving asbestos.  Each sheet addresses a specific task, such as drilling holes in asbestos cement.  They help decide which category of asbestos work the task is and how to plan the work safely.  They  cover work that does not need a licence if carried out as the sheets describe, and detail the equipment required and the action needed to reduce exposure to an acceptable level.

The new campaign can be found here.