ASBESTOS IN THE NEWS: Eradication Campaign launched for Education Sector

A group of trade unions have launched a website and a campaign to back asbestos removal from all educational buildings.

The campaign was started on Clean Air Day 2021, July 1st.  The campaign website is here and you can read more about the campaign here.  The trade union grouping is called the Joint Union Asbestos Committee (JUAC).  It is is a non-party political group that seeks to protect education workers and pupils from the dangers of asbestos in educational buildings.

The JUAC says:”Some twenty years on from the full ban on asbestos in construction, its presence in many older school buildings remains a national problem, with the latest DfE figures estimating that 83.5% of schools in England contain asbestos, in some shape or form.  It is estimated that around 83 per cent of schools contain asbestos, all of it old and much of it deteriorating. Unless a school or college was built after 1999, it is extremely likely that it contains asbestos.”