Meet the Team – Nigel Laws

Nigel has been working with Global since last year as one of our Surveyors. With over 25 years’ experience in asbestos management, he has bought a wealth of knowledge to the team, so we sat down with him to pick his brains…

25 years in the field! You must know all there is to know by now?!

I’ve definitely amassed a great deal of know how when it comes to the asbestos management game! But the thing I’ve found is that you never finish learning. When I left school I worked part time as a Lab Technician whilst at college studying civil engineering. I’d always loved science and went on to attain many qualifications, several in Polymer Technology studies, all whilst working in Labs.

So when did the move to asbestos surveying happen?

It was in the 90’s, I was working as a Lab Tech, specifically in R&D, exploring the use of alternative fillers in sealing materials due to the impending restrictions of the use of asbestos fibers. This evolved into a health and safety role, taking samples and monitoring levels. At the end of the decade, I went on to become a Surveyor and haven’t looked back!

And what’s your experience been like since then?

Well I’ve certainly moved around a lot, managing removal projects of varying sizes, updating registers and surveying all manner of places. I’ve worked with the RAF, Vodafone, global hotel chains, Council and Local Authority housing, even Tesco. I’m fortunate that my job has taken me all over the country.

How does working at Global compare?

I really enjoy the autonomy I have working at Global, I don’t feel like I’m being micro-managed, which given my years of experience is great. Furthermore, the work is varied and I’ve had a great array of jobs, from social housing projects and local authorities, right up to 5 star hotels. I recently carried out a survey of Nunsmere Hall, a luxury country hotel based in Cheshire on behalf of the Boutique Hotel Chain. It made a lovely change to be in such posh surroundings for work! Due to the size of the estate, I even stayed overnight. It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it.