Asbestos Surveys

We provide a reliable, UKAS accredited asbestos survey service with rapid delivery of the results.  We are responsive to your specific needs, and communicate clearly with you throughout the project.

We are an independent, expert asbestos consultancy and survey service with many years of experience accredited by UKAS to  ISO 17020:2012.

We deliver a reliable and responsive asbestos survey service for construction projects in buildings at risk of asbestos exposure, and also to inform the writing of asbestos management plans. Our trained and qualified surveyors have experience of surveying properties of all types including residential premises, offices, industrial sites, schools and hospitals.  We understand the importance of minimising disruption.  We collaborate with the building management and are flexible in our planning.  We are happy to fit our surveying around the users’ working hours.

We can identify and locate the presence of asbestos containing material (“ACM”) and assess the risk to the users of the building. Depending upon the circumstances and the risks, surveys may involve visual inspection, non-intrusive sampling and destructive sampling.

All our surveys are carried out in compliance with HSG 264,  the HSE’s asbestos survey guide, and conducted in accordance with Regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.  We are fully insured for Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and  Employers Liability.  A Method Statement and Risk Assessments can be provided for all surveys

Levels of survey

We offer two levels of survey, as described by the Health and Safety Executive  guidance (HSG 264): Management Surveys and Pre-Demolition/Refurbishment Surveys.

Management Surveys

Management surveys aim to identify the location and extent of ACMs that might be disturbed during the normal use of the building, including routine maintenance.    If potential ACMs are identified then representative samples are collected on-site then analysed in our laboratory to verify the presence of asbestos.  The condition of the various ACMs,  and their ability to release fibres into the air if they are disturbed, is assessed. This assessment gives a good initial guide to the priorities for managing ACMs. The results may be used to update the building’s Asbestos Register.

Pre-Demolition and Refurbishment Surveys

These surveys are required before demolition or refurbishment work commences, because the work will disturb the asbestos and release its fibres into the air. There is a requirement in The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 for all ACMs to be removed as far as reasonably practicable before major refurbishment works or final demolition commence. A full sampling programme is undertaken to identify, as far as practical, all ACMs in the area and their extent. The survey may involve destructive inspection to gain access to parts of the building that are difficult to reach, so that all affected parts of the building are checked before work commences.

Collaboration and rapid results

We understand that managing the risks of asbestos can cause delays to projects.  Therefore we work in collaboration with your team to carry out the survey without delaying other activities, and deliver the survey results as quickly as possible. Typically we are able to supply:

  • Summary of results within 48 hours
  • Full report within seven days
  • Interim reports that can provide instant, real-time results using our asbestos management system

Our team

Our senior management team shares over 60 years’ experience of asbestos consultancy. They are supported by our field operations team of project managers and lead surveyors, who hold the accreditations listed below.

Our accreditations

Global’s asbestos surveying is accredited by UKAS, the UK’s National Accreditation Body, against ISO 17020:2012.  This was first awarded in April 2013. The standard specifies requirements for the competence of bodies performing inspection and for the impartiality and consistency of their inspection activities.  Our current certificate can be seen here.

All our lead surveyors hold the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) P402 qualification, “Surveying and Sampling Strategies for Asbestos in Buildings.”  The P402 qualification gives surveyors the background knowledge and practical skills to identify and safely survey buildings for asbestos.  All surveys and testing activities are carried out in accordance with our in house quality procedures.

Our Project Managers have BOHS P405  accreditation :  Management of Asbestos in Buildings (including Asbestos Removal). P405 is the industry-standard qualification for those whose work involves asbestos management.  It provides the background knowledge required to manage asbestos in buildings and ensures that appropriate management processes are both documented and followed.

The areas we cover

From our office in Sawbridgeworth on the borders of Essex and Hertfordshire we conduct surveys throughout London and the South East of England.

What our clients say

Global Environmental were able to plan and deliver this tricky asbestos surveying project with the minimum of fuss. Their ability to anticipate issues and liaise with occupants and other stakeholders is particularly impressive.

Simon Long, Associate Director, Colliers International

“Barts Trust worked closely with Global Environmental to undertake an intrusive asbestos survey in a fully occupied Outpatient building. Their understanding of the issues involved in operating in clinical environments together with their organisation of out-of-hours working, reassurance air testing, re-instatement and liaison with the clinical and operational interfaces all contributed to a well planned and executed project.”

Martin Lee, Project Director, Barts Health NHS Trust

“Global Environmental were able to plan and execute an accelerated programme of surveying which enabled us to remediate expeditiously and maintain a tight demolition programme overall.”

Les Rose, Operations Director, Clifford Devlin