Asbestos Surveys

Global Environmental provides a reliable and responsive asbestos surveying service to support refurbishment programmes and inform asbestos management plans. Our team of fully trained surveyors has practical experience of inspecting properties of all types including residential premises, offices, industrial buildings, schools and hospitals.

We can locate and identify the presence of asbestos containing material and assess the risk to the users of the building. Depending upon the circumstances and the threat, surveys may involve visual inspection, non-intrusive sampling and destructive sampling.
All our surveys are carried out in compliance with HSG 264,  the HSE’s asbestos survey guide, and conducted in accordance with Regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

Levels of survey

We offer two levels of survey: Management Surveys and Pre-Demolition/Refurbishment Surveys.

Management Surveys – representative samples of suspected asbestos containing materials are collected on-site and analysed in our laboratory to verify the presence of asbestos.

Pre-Demolition / Refurbishment Survey – a full sampling programme is undertaken to identify asbestos containing materials and the extent to which they are used. This type of survey is detailed and may involve destructive inspection techniques.

Rapid results

We understand that refurbishment surveys often cause delays to refurbishment programmes and therefore we produce results as quickly as possible. Typically we are able to supply:

  • Summary of results within 48 hours
  • Full report within seven days
  • Interim reports that can provide instant, real-time results via PDA using our asbestos management system

Our accreditations

All our lead surveyors are required to complete the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) P402 module, Building Surveys and Bulk Sampling for Asbestos.  They carry out the testing activities in accordance with our in house quality procedures.
Global’s asbestos surveying is accredited by UKAS, the UK’s National Accreditation Body.  The company was awarded accreditation against ISO 17020, the standard of competence for inspection bodies by UKAS in April 2013.  The current certificate can be seen here.

The areas we cover

From our office in Sawbridgeworth on the borders of Essex and Hertfordshire we conduct surveys throughout London and the South East of England.