Our Covid Procedures – a Year On

Over 15 months has passed since the Government issued a stay-at-home order and our lives changed drastically due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As with countless other businesses around the country, we have had to adapt to continue offering the level of service our clients have come to expect whilst maintaining health and safety. Here are some of the simple steps we’ve taken to make sure we are doing our bit to stop the spread:

  • Social distancing measures on site are strictly adhered to, with tenants warned ahead of arrival
  • Our CHAS approved Covid Method Statement is sent ahead to clients
  • All staff take a Lateral Flow Test every week in line with Government advice
  • Field-staff carry a ‘Covid Kit’ which includes: PPE (masks, gloves etc), Anti-bacterial wipes and hand gel for cleaning of hands and any surfaces touched.

Ultimately, we have adapted to the heightened risk the pandemic has brought and worked hard to continue offering a “business as usual” approach whilst still maintaining our highest safety standards; something we always take extremely seriously.

For more information on the Covid procedures we put in place last year, click here: “Global restarts under series of COVID measures”