Specialist asbestos training

A bespoke seminar at LHC took on the challenges that occur when managing asbestos in social housing

Global Environmental teamed up with removals contractor Clifford Devlin on 19 March to deliver a bespoke seminar at LHC in Uxbridge on the specific issues and challenges that occur when managing asbestos during the maintenance and refurbishment of social housing.

Over 20 lhc-seminardelegates took the opportunity to hear two of the industry’s experts share their knowledge of how correctly managed asbestos surveying and remediation can have a significant impact on the success of residential refurbishment schemes in terms of reducing costs and programme.

Paul Phillips, Operations Manager at Global Environmental, addressed the survey phase of a project with insights on the sequencing of events to ensure safety to contractors as well as tenants while Paul Clarke-Scholes, Asbestos Consultant at Clifford Devlin, was able to draw on his practical experience of managing asbestos remediation programmes and recommend the best ways to approach this part of the project.

Specifics that delegates were able to take away with them included:

  • The value and responsibilities for planning asbestos during the initial stages of a project
  • How to reduce cost and delays to programme
  • Techniques to minimise damage to properties during surveying and removal
  • Methods to minimise operatives’ and occupants’ exposure to asbestos
  • Clarification of exemptions re non-licensable work
  • Changes to guidance on waivers
  • Key aspects of HSE guidance that relates to social housing projects
  • The role of the HSE
  • Best practice in removing external asbestos
  • The typical places in social housing that asbestos is found
  • How to reduce complaints and enhance resident satisfaction

The seminar was part of a programme of training events currently being run by Global Environmental.  To find out about other events in the series or to arrange bespoke training at your own premises please contact Fergus McCloskey on 020 7300 7288 or email [email protected].

LHC is a leading not-for-profit public sector purchasing consortium that provides best value procurement solutions for the refurbishment, retrofit and maintenance of social housing, schools and other public sector buildings in England, Wales and Scotland.

Clifford Devlin is a privately-owned business that has been providing planned and responsive asbestos remediation for 30 years. It has particular experience of providing services within the housing sector and approximately 80% of works are carried out to support routine maintenance and refurbishment of residential properties.