Strong partnership continues

Global Environmental’s successful working relationship with Breyer Group continues with the next phase of works on their kitchen and bathroom improvement scheme for Barking and Dagenham. This project comprises of internal works on around 800 properties and includes the replacement of multiple elements from kitchen, bathroom, heating and electrical works. The project has a short time frame which means strictly controlled timescales with a target to complete approximately 30 houses each week.

id-211-barking-and-dageham-contract-win-973x615f80“These jobs run like clockwork,” said Paul Phillips, Operations Manager for Global. “We have worked with Breyer Group for some time now and have established working practices that compliment Breyer’s.  For example, we can upload our survey results directly to Barking and Dagenham using the Micad software system, saving time and creating an efficient digital working practice. It means that Breyer has 24/7 access to asbestos information across the borough.”