Global Environmental delivers the expertise to enable clients to find cost-effective and sustainable remediation solutions to pollution issues with brownfield land.

The land and groundwater on former industrial locations is often polluted with hydrocarbons, heavy metals, fertilizers and asbestos.  The pollution poses a risk to the health of contractors and working on the site, and to the future residents of any development.  It’s remediation is strictly regulated and controlled by the Environment Agency.

Our team of experts in contaminated land management have technical know-how and in-depth knowledge of the regulatory process, plus hands-on practical experience.  They will provide value-engineered, innovative solutions for you.

We have practical knowledge and experience of all of the latest remediation technologies including:

  • bio-remediation
  • soil stabilisation
  • screen and sort
  • soil washing
  • pump & treat.

Leveraging our expertise, we guide developers and contractors in choosing and correctly applying these solutions to address land contamination effectively.